Ken Muse

My New and Improved Blog!

This week I decided to enhance the custom theme I’m using for the site. I wanted to make it a bit easier to find content, especially if you’re using the RSS feeds. I have a few changes in mind, but wanted to launch the easiest one first – improved RSS feeds.

In the past, the site had a single active RSS feed. That means that you received all of the changes … or none of them. I’ve noticed that the /categories and /tags portions of the site are getting an increasing amount of traffic. As a result, I wanted to make sure it was easier to access that content. Both of those pages (as well as the individual tags and categories) will provide you the ability to get an RSS feed filtered to that content. Only interested in #Azure? No problem. Just want to see what’s new with #Containers? Done.

One nice thing about using Hugo is that all of the RSS feeds were already being published automatically. Unfortunately, you had to know where to look to find them ({category-or-tags-path}/rss/index.xml). That made the implementation especially easy. I just needed to update the theme content to display the icons and link them to the RSS feeds that were being generated.

It’s nice when doing something helpful only takes just a few minutes of effort.